Name: Slovenian Society for Heart Surgery Patients

Established: July 13, 1987

Members: 2,250


  • Raising awareness of heart patients through education
  • Publication of the magazine ‘Utrip srca (Heart Bit),’ with a circulation of 2,500 copies, issued three times annually
  • Improving accessibility in the field of cardiovascular diseases


  • Supporting chronic heart patients
  • Assisting individuals post-heart surgery


  • Prevention of disease progression to enhance patients’ health
  • Acceleration of patient recovery post-surgery for better wellbeing
  • Education of both patients and the general public on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following a balanced diet
  • Mitigation of postoperative complications, such as depression, to improve patient outcomes
  • Cultivating awareness and knowledge amongst heart patients and their family members about their condition
  • Conducting informative lectures on a healthy lifestyle, prevention strategies, and understanding heart and blood vessel diseases
  • Coordinating workshops focused on the benefits of healthy eating
  • Teaching basic resuscitation procedures to prepare individuals for potential cardiac arrest situations